The Winery

More than an object, that carries the emotion of wine in the making.

At Château Montlabert, a Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion, the essence of wine lies in the terroir and the grape.

As such, winemaking and aging choices are conscientiously focused on the most authentic and faithful expression of the terroir.

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Winemaking: the emotion of wine in the making Winemaking: the emotion of wine

Winemaking is an art, an alchemy between the land, the vine, and the human hand.

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Château Montlabert does not impose any rigid rules but prefers to show great flexibility to remain intimately attentive to each vintage, plot, and grape variety. This approach allows them to preserve and faithfully express the unique and precious complexity of the terroir and the passage of time. The winemaking expertise of Château Montlabert relies on a meticulous and attentive approach to the subtleties of natural balances.

les cuves du château Montlabert

The cellar, recently renovated for the 2019 vintage, is designed as a precision tool, capable of guiding each stage of blending towards the most perfect expression of the terroir. Architect Olivier Chadebost and the Castel family have taken care to conceive equipment that matches their demanding and sustainable winemaking ambition.

Throughout the process, from the reception of the harvest to the transfer into barrels, every action is orchestrated with the utmost delicacy to preserve the integrity and quality of the raw material. Sixteen thermo-regulated truncated conical tanks of 60 hl, tailored to the individual plots, were designed to respect the identity of each terroir, right through to the final blend.

The choice to combine inverted stainless steel tanks with concrete tanks allows for precise control over the extraction from each plot, playing on the thickness and density of the grape cap. This way, time becomes the wine's greatest ally, revealing the complexity and richness of the terroir.

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Winemaking and blending: the birth of great wines The birth of great wines

A profound understanding of the vintage, each plot, and each grape variety.

The barrel cellar at Montlabert is divided into two distinct spaces, separated by a thermal buffer zone.

One is dedicated to even-numbered years and the other to odd-numbered years, allowing for the close proximity of malolactic fermentation and 18 months of aging without disturbing the wine.

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The selection of five coopers, offering two distinct toasting levels and ten barrel styles according to wine profiles, ensures extremely precise blends and extends the aging period to fourteen months.

escaliers du chai

During the blending process, technical rigor combined with acute intuition and sensitivity are essential. The Castel family, the technical management of the family estates, cellar master Ludovic Hérault, as well as consulting winemaker Hubert de Boüard, form a united team with the goal of continuously improving the quality of Montlabert wines.

Today, the vintages reveal tangible signs of an increased mastery of the vineyard and tailor-made winemaking.

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A Technological and Responsible Winery

A highly precise tool serving a sustainable winemaking project.

The architecture of Château Montlabert draws inspiration from the technological worlds of Defense and Healthcare, standing out with its remarkable energy efficiency and ecological performance.

Bioclimatic features are subtly combined to reduce energy consumption, with the barrel cellar buried in clayey soil, where the temperature naturally stabilizes at 15°C from one meter deep.

The air renewal system employs two staircases to create a natural depression and homogenize airflow between different areas of the winery, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

The reified cork adorning the walls, revealing its natural insulating and thermal properties, is used for the first time in a winery. Montlabert is the first winery with a PUE (power usage effectiveness) measurement approaching 1, showcasing its minimal energy impact.

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