Are you looking to organize a private event or a corporate seminar? Château Montlabert is an exceptional venue located at the gates of Saint-Emilion. With its view of the vineyards and various reception rooms, the estate combines authenticity, charm, and high-end services. Whether it's conducive to quality work or relaxation in an idyllic setting, the château offers all the services tailored to a business clientele and the demands of our guests. We take particular pride in the adaptability and hybrid nature of each of our reception spaces, allowing us to cater to all the needs and preferences of our clients with elegance and flexibility.

The Vat House

illustration séminaire le Cuvier
icon ustensiles 90 pax
icon verre cocktail 250 pax
icon mesures pièce 337 m²

The Barrel Cellar

illustration seminaire le Chai
icon ustensiles 200 pax
icon verre cocktail 500 pax
icon mesures pièce 976 m²

Harvest Room

illustration séminaire salle des vendanges
icon ustensiles 90 pax
icon verre cocktail 130 pax
icon mesures pièce 142 m²

The Orangery

illustration séminaire l'Orangerie
icon ustensiles 60 pax
icon mesures pièce 45 m²
icon meeting 24 pax

The Conservatory

illustration séminaire la Verrière
icon ustensiles 80 pax
icon verre cocktail 100 pax
icon mesures pièce 110 m²

Come and grasp the very essence of a prestigious Grand Cru Classé from Saint-Émilion and discover the art of wine tasting. Immerse yourself in the heart of Château Montlabert and be guided during a tour that will unveil the manufacturing secrets that have contributed to the reputation of this exceptional Bordeaux estate. The highlight of the experience: a tasting workshop followed, upon request, by a private lunch within the walls of the château.

The Essential

illustration visite l'essentielle
icon nombre de personnes 2 - 10
icon temps de visite 1 hour
icon prix visite €20 / pers

Suspended in Time

illustration visite le temps suspendu
icon nombre de personnes 2 - 10
icon temps de visite 1 hour 30
icon prix visite €30 / pers

Insider Secrets

illustration visite secrets d'initiés
icon nombre de personnes 2 - 10
icon temps de visite 2 hours
icon prix visite €55 / pers

Country Lunch

illustration déjeuner Bucolique
icon nombre de personnes 2 - 20
icon temps de visite 1 hour
icon prix visite €40 / pers

In the intimacy of the reception rooms, Château Montlabert opens its doors for private or business meals. Come and live a unique and tailor-made experience in an 18th-century setting. Humility and discretion are the watchwords of our Grand Cru Classé, and they will punctuate your lunch or dinner in one of our two private dining rooms.

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