Saint-Emilion embodies the emotion of time and land.

Saint-Emilion is a cultural, historical, and architectural heritage of rare beauty, which bears witness to the millennial history of the region and the passion of its inhabitants for their land.

But the village of Saint-Emilion holds many other treasures.

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The Jurade of Saint-Emilion: commitment and preservation. The Jurade of Saint-Emilion

Owning a vineyard in Saint Emilion is above all about establishing a passionate and sincere connection with the land and tradition.

The Castel family has also expressed this attachment through their commitment to the local community, as seen in their representation within the Jurade.

Founded in the 12th century as a secular institution, the Jurade of Saint-Émilion's mission is to protect and guarantee the quality of wines in the region.

la Jurade de Saint Emilion

Over the centuries, it has evolved into a key wine organization, promoting the appellation and contributing to the restoration and construction of numerous historical buildings.

membres de la Jurade de Saint Emilion

Every year, the confraternity, consisting of 140 members, inducts personalities during a solemn ceremony, where red robes and toques are customary attire. Their unchanging motto is: "To Saint Emilion, ever faithful."

Throughout the year, the Jurade of Saint-Émilion organizes a series of events, including award ceremonies that honor the best wines of the appellation. This prestigious institution plays a significant role in promoting and safeguarding the appellation. Thanks to its passionate and dedicated members, the Jurade contributes to the history and heritage of Saint-Emilion.

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The Grands Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion Demand for quality

Since 1955, the wines of Saint-Émilion have been subjected to a rigorous classification.

étiquette vin château Montlabert grand cru classé

The jury of the Grands Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion is composed of a wine syndicate from the region, wine merchants, wine brokers, oenologists, sommeliers, renowned wine critics, and members of the wine-specialized press.

This jury convenes every ten years to blind-taste the wines, evaluating their intrinsic qualities such as color, aromas, flavors, and aging potential.

Alain et Philippe Castel

To be eligible for the classification of Grand Cru Classé, vineyards must meet strict and precise specifications that define the rules of production and quality criteria to be followed. These criteria include aspects such as planting density, production yields, authorized grape varieties, aging duration in oak barrels, and alcohol content of the wine.

Château Montlabert, through its passionate and methodical work over more than a decade, has been able to reveal the unique essence of its terroir and shape the personality and style of its wines.

In 2022, their rigorous commitment was rewarded with the prestigious classification of Grand Cru Classé. This success is the culmination of an unwavering quest for perfection, driven with determination and enthusiasm by the Castel family and their talented team.

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The White Rose of Saint-Emilion The symbol of tradition

An iconic horticultural heritage in Saint-Emilion.

Behind the Chartreuse unfolds a "French-style" garden, with meticulously laid-out paths surrounding a central basin and a rose garden.

Bioclimatic elements are subtly combined to reduce energy consumption, such as burying the barrel cellar in clay soil where the temperature naturally stabilizes at 15°C from one meter depth.

In the past, each property in Saint-Emilion had its own white rose, thus distinguishing its gardens from other vineyards and adorning family tables on Sundays. By uniting traditions from the past with modern practices, Château Montlabert has undertaken the creation of a rose garden with ancient roses, adding an extra dimension to its rich botanical and family heritage.

Come to Château Montlabert

The Château Montlabert expresses the Castel family's commitment to traditions and the uniqueness of the Saint-Emilion vineyard.

All areas of the property are available for reservation, allowing you to fully experience this unique place. We invite you to explore our complete offer.

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